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I have never had so many good ideas day after day as when I worked in the garden. - John Erskine


We host a number of classes with each season of the year. We offer classes on gardening, decorating, design, hypertufa, fairy gardens, flower arranging and many other exciting seasonal projects.

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Fairy Garden Tray $20

Using a refurbished wooden tray, Kathy will demonstrate the art of fairy gardening. If you have seen our fairy gardens and always wanted to start one of your own, this is the perfect class. Kathy will demonstrate different planting techniques and design for these whimsical gardens. You will receive a wooden tray to take home and start your own fairy garden. (Demonstration Only)

Planting a Kitchen Cottage Garden $30

Do you want to try your hand at growing veggies? Today, Susi will turn a small perennial border into a kitchen garden filled with bloom and delicious edibles. Walk out to your patio and have a salad ready garden.

Shaping & Caring for Garden Hedges $30

Join Susi in the garden as she teaches you the steps to shape and trim your hedges this Spring to maintain a beautiful garden hedge all season long. No need for a professional pruner, you can learn to do this yourself.

Urn Inspirations $20

Ricki will demonstrate how she groups and plants fabulous combinations using large garden urns and ornamentation. She will incorporate annuals, perennials, tropical plants, and shrubs to create inspiring and distinct urns.

Lunch Thyme with Ricki #1 $35

Join Ricki for lunch in the garden and spend an afternoon with inspiring ideas for home decor bringing nature indoors. Ricki will demonstrate how to incorporate our new Red Cedar finds into existing decor. We serve a gazpacho soup, southwest salad w/ grilled chicken, savory cornbread and chocolate mousse.

Free Friday: Annual Love

Join us as we introduce our favorite well performing annuals. This class will teach you how to keep your annuals in shape for all summer bloom.

Welcome Friends Flower Box Workshop $55

Using a 24 inch green "Welcome Friends" wooden box planter you will create an adorable welcoming spring container. A perfect greeting to friends for an outdoor garden table or deck.

Plant-a-pot $Dirt Cheap

Bring in your planter and leave the mess at Red Cedar. We will help you select and plant annual flower combinations for fabulous bloom all summer. Bring in any pot you can carry (make sure it is empty) or buy one of our unique garden pots. Pay for materials and plants that you use.

Spring Garden Maintenance with Susi $30

Join Susi in the garden as she changes out spring annuals for long lasting summer bloom. This class will teach you how to train vines such as Clematis, grooming of perennials and mulching techniques.

Spring Shrub Rejuvenation $30

Join Susi as she teaches the techniques to rejuvenate early spring blooming shrubs to ensure good bloom for next spring. Susi will be using viburnums in the garden for a hands on demonstration.

Lunch Thyme with Ricki #2 $35

Join Ricki for lunch in the garden as she demonstrates her favorite annual flower combos in the newest pots and containers. You will be inspired to have great looking patio pots and combinations for a summer full of bloom. We will serve a charcuterie tray, spinach salad w/ grilled chicken, feta & strawberries, honey glazed croissant and carrot cake.

Free Friday: Perennial Combos we Love

Join us as we put together our favorite sun and shade perennial combos for our Kansas summers. A fun morning learning about perennial texture, color and reblooming plants.

Lunch Thyme #3 with Ricki $35

Join Ricki for lunch in the garden for an afternoon of fun garden inspired party decor. Using flowers, foliage and stems from her garden she will adorn and enhance garden statues and lanterns perfect for summer entertaining. See how easy it can be! We will serve charcuterie tray, chopped Italian salad w/ caramelized salmon, bruschetta and tiramisu.

Free Friday: Patio Pizazz

Join us for a fun morning as we show you quick, easy and inspiring decor ideas to spruce up your patio for the upcoming entertaining season.

Summer Garden Maintenance with Susi $30

Join Susi in the garden for a busy morning covering techniques such as staking, weeding and cutting back perennials for long lasting bloom.

Summer Pruning

Join Susi in the garden as she demonstrates the proper pruning of Yew hedges. She will cover all pruning questions and walk you through the summer garden and discuss how to keep summer perennials in bloom.