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Ricki's Notes

Feather Your Nest

Posted on August 16, 2017

Another season is upon us and I'm hoping some of those cool days and rain in August, make their way to September. The flowers of Autumn are beginning to cast their warm golden tones into the garden. Those late summer annuals give a colorful edge along the garden path and my summer perennials with a timely haircut are beginning to rebloom just in time for fall. The lower greenhouse has been busy with the planting of new hostas and spring iris. Miniature iris are going to be perfect for the front of the garden border. Hydrangeas have soaked up all that moisture and are filled with burgundy russet blooms. Keep in mind this fall should be a terrific time to plant spring blooming perennials, colorful peonies and garden shrubs.

The shop is dressed in those cozy colors of fall. Walls are decked with wreaths of pumpkins and gourds and large fall leaves in earthy tones. A new wall of mirrors reflect bittersweet colored votives creating a warm glow on the shelves. Candles with titles of "Walk in the Woods" and "Orange Clove" add the fragrances of fall. Rustic olive jars in shades of earthy greens share space with aged, hand carved candlesticks. Harvest Boy holds a nest of gourds to celebrate the season. Spheres of wide aged iron add classic ornamentation to our garden urns. For the collectors of Mullanium birds, a new flock have come to roost at Red Cedar.

The greenhouse tables are filled with fancy fern fronds and small windowsill bloomers to bring a touch of 'the outside inside'. Mossy aged botanical terra cotta pottery along with delightful stoneware will put a smile in your morning. Our favorite time of the year is here and Red Cedar has just the right treasures to 'feather your nest' for fall.

Speaking of treasures, some of you wanted news of the grandchildren....Medical Maggie has one more semester, Earning Emma and Numbers William dress in Jayhawk red and blue (Grandpa still bleeds purple). Mississippi Jim has history on his mind and Senior Sage smiles at the camera. Six foot Sneaker Will is Little Will no longer and Licensed Kate keeps keys in her pocket. Life goes on even while we garden. Our month off was too short, but we are looking forward to the fall and seeing all of you. Take time out of your day to stop by, visit the garden and bring a touch of fall flavor to your home. Naturally, Ricki