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Ricki's Notes

Glimpses of Spring

Posted on February 16, 2017

Spring 2017....where does time go? I have been writing this letter for over 30 years and cannot remember a February so dry. I hope all of you have been watering during this warm spell. The weather has certainly given me the garden fever. I didn't even bug Jim to send me to Santa Fe! I've been cleaning up my hellebores as they are blooming under the leaves. I am going to hope for no more bitterly cold days. Inside the greenhouse, the prettiest hellebores we have ever grown are blooming at this time. And a new crop of 'Red Charm' peonies have big fat buds. With bright hues of purple and blushes of coral the heucheras are nearly ready for planting in the garden.

We have painted the tables in the greenhouse a moss green and used some elbow grease to bring a bit of sparkle to our windows. Our ferns have loved this winter so the greenhouse if full of very happy large ferns for your empty pots. Our shop is full with the newest and latest trends in gardening and home decor. To celebrate the spring season you will find antique French bread boards with hand stenciled birds, aged glazed ceiling tin created for outdoor walls, and old porch pillars cut into fat candlesticks. Our pottery shelves are filled with 'made in America' terracotta pots and benches hold beautiful outdoor floral pillows. We bought a huge array of aged galvanized containers, from elegant trays and planters to tall garden vases for those outdoor gatherings. Whimsical bunnies are perfect for the upcoming Easter celebration along with eggs, nests and nature inspired Spring wreaths. We gathered a new flock of our special Mullanium hand painted birds and are looking forward to welcoming you back to Red Cedar. Jim and I have had a relaxing winter trying new recipes and playing cards by the fire. However, we both have Spring Fever and are anxious to see all your familiar faces this coming season! Naturally, Ricki