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Ricki's Notes

Our Last Chapter

Posted on August 21, 2018

After much thought and reflection, Jim and I have decided that after 30 years of business this will be our final season. Jim is dealing with some health issues that has made this decision necessary. We could never put into words how much each of our customers loyalty and patronage has meant through the years. We think of many of you as family and will be ever grateful for those friendships. This upcoming Fall and Winter season will therefore be very special to us.

Our shade tables will be offering some exciting new hostas and a large fern selection. In October, we will have Red Charm, our favorite red Peony as well as Lovely Rose (a beautiful pink) and Amalia Olson, a fragrant white. Fall is a perfect time to add these spectacular plants to your garden. Remember our best advice, plant a Spring garden in the Fall. The shop is bursting with fall texture and Autumn color. Burnt orange berry and pumpkin studded wreaths are beautiful for your door. An awesome Road Show metal Rooster would make a great accent piece for any kitchen island. Tin "Fairy Tale" pumpkins will add fall whimsy to a table and mustard pots bring French garden beauty inside. Old world lanterns give a seasonal glow to your home and aged architectural wall art add a touch of history. Owls are just a hoot this year, and ours are no exception. Wood carved owls and lodge inspired pillows create a rustic seasonal feel in our shop and will be welcome in any home. As our last season approaches we welcome you into the garden and shop to take home a piece of Red Cedar charm. You are sure to find a special piece for your home or garden to greet the upcoming holiday season.

Naturally, Ricki