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Ricki's Notes

Springtime Dreaming

Posted on February 29, 2016

We have been trying to keep our hands out of the dirt these warm, late winter days, but the garden just had an extra early clean up. Those tender plants will just have to toughen up. Tiny crocus and iris say spring is really on the way. So do those new wedding series of hellebores with lots of ruffled blooms and the exotic foliage of arum italicum catches your eye across the greenhouse. A new batch of unusual pixie plants for fairy gardens are reaching for the sun, and our selection of tropical ferns give the greenhouse a painter's palette of Irish green.

The garden shop has everything you need to give your home and patio a fresh 'welcome spring' look. Wreaths of woven branches and bluebird eggs will brighten any door or table. A new series of pottery, Black Earth, from P. Wakefield, makes a pot of pansies look simply elegant. Serving platters and bowls from a new botanical artist will bring the garden inside. Songbird garden pillows bring spring song to your benches and rustic stone consoles are perfect for sprucing up entrances. Our fairy world is filled with sweet garden fairies, colorful mini pots for tiny benches and whimsical fairy doors. Miniature fairy cottages are perfect for smaller containers filled with pixie ferns and colorful foliage. Our grandchildren always remind us of the passage of time. Midnight Oil Maggie burns bright at St. Lukes, while Whoosing Will greases the courts, Earning Emma turns heads everywhere. In Mississippi, Jester Jim and Worldly William keep their heads in school books. Kingpin Kate strikes for BVSW and Softball Sage turned sixteen this year. We hope you are as ready as we are to get your 'garden groove' on. Come out and visit the shop, check out the garden to see what's poking up and say 'Happy Spring'! Naturally, Ricki