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Ricki's Notes


Feather Your Nest

Posted on August 16, 2017

Another season is upon us and I'm hoping some of those cool days and rain in August, make their way to September. The flowers of Autumn are beginning to cast their warm golden tones into the garden. Those late summer annuals give a colorful edge along the garden path and my summer perennials with a timely haircut are beginning to rebloom just in time for fall. The lower greenhouse has been busy with the planting of new hostas and spring iris. Miniature iris are going to be perfect for the front of the garden border. Hydrangeas have soaked up all that moisture and are filled with burgundy russet blooms. Keep in mind this fall should be a terrific time to plant spring blooming perennials, colorful peonies and garden shrubs.

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Glimpses of Spring

Posted on February 16, 2017

Spring 2017....where does time go? I have been writing this letter for over 30 years and cannot remember a February so dry. I hope all of you have been watering during this warm spell. The weather has certainly given me the garden fever. I didn't even bug Jim to send me to Santa Fe! I've been cleaning up my hellebores as they are blooming under the leaves. I am going to hope for no more bitterly cold days. Inside the greenhouse, the prettiest hellebores we have ever grown are blooming at this time. And a new crop of 'Red Charm' peonies have big fat buds. With bright hues of purple and blushes of coral the heucheras are nearly ready for planting in the garden.

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Fanciful Fall

Posted on September 02, 2016

Dear Gardening Friends: The days of crisp mornings have begun and are so welcome. The gardens look great despite those hot, dry days of July and August. The rain has given a fresh look to the garden and we thankfully did not have much of those strong storms some of you experienced. Fall planting is upon us and we will have some beautiful choices of peonies in late September.

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Springtime Dreaming

Posted on February 29, 2016

We have been trying to keep our hands out of the dirt these warm, late winter days, but the garden just had an extra early clean up. Those tender plants will just have to toughen up. Tiny crocus and iris say spring is really on the way. So do those new wedding series of hellebores with lots of ruffled blooms and the exotic foliage of arum italicum catches your eye across the greenhouse. A new batch of unusual pixie plants for fairy gardens are reaching for the sun, and our selection of tropical ferns give the greenhouse a painter's palette of Irish green.

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Spring Passion

Posted on February 02, 2015

On this early February morning, the fireplace keeps us toasty as snowflakes fall on the garden. But tucked under that blanket of snow is the promise of spring. The January ‘thaw’ gave us the gift of warmth to work on trimming garden trees and cleaning up the perennial border, so we actually have a jump on spring chores. Our plants are snug under their winter cover, but if you peek under you see the Marsala (2015 color of the year) eyes of peonies, lake water blue iris beginning to green up and the welcoming jewels of hellebore buds.

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