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Our home and garden shop changes with the seasons with a wide variety of treasures to choose from. Our aged stone tables hold classical clay and botanical shapes of pottery and garden lanterns of all sizes flicker with candlelight. The trickle of water spilling from our aged fountain brings the garden inside to our delightful shop. Attached to one side, the greenhouse filled with ferns, ivies and blooming plants bring the sights and scents of nature to your shopping experience.

Eco-friendly bamboo gloves and organic plant food rest beside benches formed from ivy tendrils of iron. Tiles with favorite garden quotes, hand formed pottery bowls, sweet bird vases for holding flowers all find homes here. Mossy birdbaths, stone statues and architectural iron trellises bring year-round grace and structure for the perfect gift. With a mix of whimsical and practical objects, whether a nest woven of twigs, a stone bird perched on a pot or an aged mirror for the wall, our shop offers a collection of unusual and timeless pieces for the garden and the home year round.

I have never had so many good ideas day after day as when I worked in the garden. - John Erskine